The days are finally getting longer

What makes this highlighter stand out? The three shimmering shades incorporate micronization technology. This means the reflective minerals that make up the formula have been broken down as small as possible to create a smooth and natural-looking finish with no disco glitter trailing off. The oil-free pressed powder also contains vitamin E which, when applied, can boost the production of natural vitamin E from your own skin.

The three peach-toned shades vary from a fair-shaded Porcelain (S501) to sun-kissed Satin (S502) to cocoa-colored Deep Glow (S503). Highly versatile, each tone can blend in or create a more dramatic look on a variety of skin tones. Why not create a summery bronze glow on fair skin with the satin shade? Or use the Porcelain Glow to highlight a dramatic contour look on a dark complexion? The shimmers can also create a standout shadow look when applied over an eye primer.

If you’re looking for a quick fix for a dull post-winter complexion, we’re betting on this being your new best bud.


Round eyes

For round eyes the most prominent part of the application should be on the top lash line and the outer corner. Keep the bottom lash very minimal or leave untouched. Use a thickening mascara along the lash line, and if you want to play up the round shape, keep it focused towards the middle of your eye. If you want to make a round eye appear more cat-like apply more mascara to the outer corner.


Uneven eyes

For uneven eyes we want to pull focus away from the lid and the unbalanced shape. A smoky eyeshadow application and a heavy coating of mascara along the lash line will make this eye look its best. Stay away from light colors or color mascara which can accentuate unevenness.


Downturned eyes

For downturned eyes, use two colors of mascara to achieve the most impact. Brown mascara is just as beautiful as black and has the same presence. It also doesn’t pull all of the focus allowing you to feature a lip or cheek color. Add brown mascara along the bottom lash and black mascara onto the top lash focusing all of the color in the center of the lash and keeping the outer corner the most minimal mascara application to lift the eye.