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Best Eyelash Collection

Are you keeping your false lashes clean? We know, at the end of a long day adding yet another step to our beauty regime can feel like a chore—but you’ll thank us when your lash stash is still going strong months into wearing them.

That’s right, keeping your falsies sanitized and clean can extend the life of your favorite set so you can wear them again and again like new. Built up mascara and glue can both dry out real hair lash sets, as well as warp artificial fibers. Plus, worn lashes can carry bacteria that could be harmful to eyes with extended use. There are a few ways to clean a false set, and we promise they’re quick and easy. Your falsie collection will thank you.


Peel away the glue

Glue build-up can warp the shape of the eyelash band over time, causing lashes to look uneven. Plus, built up glue is a bacteria trap. Use tweezers to carefully peel away glue bits on the backs of your lashes without tearing out lash hairs in the process.


Rinse in warm water

Fill a clean sink with a small amount of warm water and drop lashes in for about 30 seconds to loosen any mascara, eyeshadow, or other potential makeup residue. Hot water is a good choice for especially stubborn makeup—but only for artificial lash fibers, as human hair or fur lashes can permanently lose their curl in the heat.


Wipe down and sanitize

Artificial lashes can be sanitized with rubbing alcohol but real hair sets should be treated with a mild water-based makeup remover such as Bioderma Sebium that won’t dry out the fibers. Wipe from base to tip on dry lashes with an alcohol or remover soaked cotton ball to sweep away pre-loosened makeup.


Use caution with fancy sets

Like Dry Clean Only clothing, certain lashes require special care. Soaking or wiping down lashes that contain fragile decorations such as glitter, feathers, or rhinestones is a big no, but removing the glue and spot cleaning with a sanitizer-soaked cotton swab will still keep things relatively tidy so you get even more wear out of your favorite glamour sets.

The days are finally getting longer

What makes this highlighter stand out? The three shimmering shades incorporate micronization technology. This means the reflective minerals that make up the formula have been broken down as small as possible to create a smooth and natural-looking finish with no disco glitter trailing off. The oil-free pressed powder also contains vitamin E which, when applied, can boost the production of natural vitamin E from your own skin.

The three peach-toned shades vary from a fair-shaded Porcelain (S501) to sun-kissed Satin (S502) to cocoa-colored Deep Glow (S503). Highly versatile, each tone can blend in or create a more dramatic look on a variety of skin tones. Why not create a summery bronze glow on fair skin with the satin shade? Or use the Porcelain Glow to highlight a dramatic contour look on a dark complexion? The shimmers can also create a standout shadow look when applied over an eye primer.

If you’re looking for a quick fix for a dull post-winter complexion, we’re betting on this being your new best bud.


Round eyes

For round eyes the most prominent part of the application should be on the top lash line and the outer corner. Keep the bottom lash very minimal or leave untouched. Use a thickening mascara along the lash line, and if you want to play up the round shape, keep it focused towards the middle of your eye. If you want to make a round eye appear more cat-like apply more mascara to the outer corner.


Uneven eyes

For uneven eyes we want to pull focus away from the lid and the unbalanced shape. A smoky eyeshadow application and a heavy coating of mascara along the lash line will make this eye look its best. Stay away from light colors or color mascara which can accentuate unevenness.


Downturned eyes

For downturned eyes, use two colors of mascara to achieve the most impact. Brown mascara is just as beautiful as black and has the same presence. It also doesn’t pull all of the focus allowing you to feature a lip or cheek color. Add brown mascara along the bottom lash and black mascara onto the top lash focusing all of the color in the center of the lash and keeping the outer corner the most minimal mascara application to lift the eye.

Lip Liner Work For You

Everybody, and we mean everybody can benefit from a little lip liner. While lining your lips runs the danger of creating an outdated, overdrawn, unblended pout, it’s time to stop shying away from lip liner for fear it may leave you looking like a Real Housewife. Here are the real 3 ways to make lip liner work for you.


Nude: The Shaping Liner

Why use a lip liner that matches your skintone? Flesh toned liners can help shape your lips before lip products are applied by filling in parts of the lip area to match your face. This is a great technique for achieving dramatic looks such as a cupid’s bow shape, but it also works wonders for reshaping uneven lips—especially when finishing with a sheer lipstick or gloss that wouldn’t so easily mask the characteristic.


Matched: The Sharpening Liner

When you’re on the go, you don’t have time to fumble with a lip brush to get those sharp artist-esque lines every time you reach for a reapplication. Save energy by lining your lips first with a liner that matches as close as possible with your lipstick. You’ll get a crisp, creamy line that can be filled in with a smudge of lipstick. The center of your lip shade wears the fastest throughout the day while your liner is likely to stay put, so enjoy faster touch-ups that only require a swipe of lipstick with no edge lining drama.

Dark: The Contour Liner

Dark lip liner doesn’t have the greatest reputation, but a well-blended choice can work wonders for those who wish for fuller lips. Try lining lips in a dark shade and filling in with a creamy lipstick in a lighter shade. Using a lip brush, blend the shades together where they meet and you’ll end up with ombre results that look injection-worthy. Don’t want to step out looking like you’re auditioning for RuPaul’s Drag Race? The closer the shades are in the color family, the more subtle the results will be.

Foundation Will Never Be The Same

Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and instantly change the color of all my favorite things to whatever shade suited me most. While I can’t alter the colors of my best dresses, or re-tint my yummiest lipstick to suit my mood, Cover FX has now made it possible to turn almost any skin product into a custom foundation.

No it isn’t witch craft, and it doesn’t even require a visit to a makeup mixology counter. Cover FX’s new Custom Cover Drops are pure liquid pigments available in 25 blendable shades designed specifically to mix with any water, oil, or silicone-based liquid or cream formulas. This means that most of the daily pre-foundation products you use can be converted to foundation while you still reap their benefits. Likewise, Custom Cover Drops can also be added to your coverup products to boost their strength, even out their hue, and extend their life.

How it works: Each drop of Custom Cover increases the coverage of your carrier product so experiment until you find the right blend. A pigmented foundation will require fewer drops than a sheer moisturizer. The actual color pigments present in Custom Cover Drops are coated in lecithin which is a moisture-rich substance found naturally in our cells. This allows the pigment to not only adhere to our skin, but leave it feeling soft, and never dry. Because the pigment is made up of similar oils as those found in our skin, it doesn’t interfere with carrier products such as lotions, oils, and creams.

But is there anything Custom Cover Drops can’t mix with? Most skin products are water, oil, or silicon based, which means unless you’re attempting to blend with a powder, you can bet you’ll yield good results.

Need ideas? Look below. We experimented with just about everything we could think of!



Who needs to buy a tinted moisturizer when you can create your own! Blend a portion of your favorite face lotion with a few drops of Custom Cover Drops before applying for a lightweight formula that evens out skintone while hydrating. Need more coverage? Try increasing the amount of Custom Cover Drops before applying moisturizer to problem areas.



If the lightest coverage is something you’ve yet to find in foundation, Custom Cover Drops can help. Add a few to bring pigment to something as simple as a facial serum. You’ll still absorb all the benefits of the formula but your skin tone will appear more even and extra radiant.


BB Cream

Mix Custom Cover Drops right into your go to bb cream to more accurately match the shade to your skin—hello customizable coverage boost!



Most pore refining facial primers are non-pigmented, but we can change that. A few drops can make any primer double as both your makeup base and your base makeup. A perfect oil-reducing option for warmer weather, we found this to create especially silky results.


Facial Oil

If your battle with dry skin has you shying away from tinted facial products, fear not. Custom Cover Drops can even be added to facial and body oil for a cover-up option that has you glowing, not flaking. Try mixing a shade deeper for an arm and leg bronzing effect.



Love your foundation formula but need more coverage in certain areas? Add a couple drops to strengthen your cover-up game, or simply personalize the shade. As a bonus, adding pigment will actually lengthen the life of your favorite face makeup, making a tube last up to ⅓ longer.